Belton House - National Trust


Image credit: National Trust


NerG began work recently installing a new biomass facility and pipe work into Belton House, a lovely National Trust property located in Grantham. The new biomass boiler system will provide renewable heating to 16 historic buildings onsite.

The below posts show our progress week by week as we work with the National Trust to complete this project:

Work has started on Section 4 at Belton House! Trenches have been dug this week to install the district heating pipe work to The Stables and shop. The shop has also had new pipe work installed, as well as a new plate heat exchanger to provide heating and hot water.

Work is continuing in Section 4 this week, with the majority of the district heating pipe installed in the trenches. The manifold cupboard excavation is also 50% complete now. 

The new pipework in the shop has been fully completed and both The Stables and the shop have been re-plumbed to work with the new biomass system. 

Work will now start on Section 5, which will include installing new pipework into the Bookshop, Discovery Centre and The Ride.

All of the district heating pipework in Section 4 has now been completed and the careful process of re-cobbling has begun!

New pipework has already been fitted into the Bookshop and The Ride and the re-plumbing is also nearly complete.

The manifold to the Discovery Centre will also start this week and digging of the trenches to lay the district heating pipe will begin shortly!

Belton House pipe work

The work on Section 5 is now complete!

The Ride has been completed and the district heating pipe has been installed across the courtyard in front of the Discovery Centre.

New pipework has also started to be installed in the Discovery Centre and is due for completion shortly.

Discovery Centre pipework

Trenching across the Discovery Centre courtyard to The Ride was completed last week, as you can see from the photos you can’t even tell we were there!

Section 6a was started and completed last week. This involved the excavation of The Ride courtyard, laying the district heating pipe and refilling the trench.

We also completed the backfeeding work to The Stables so that they will have heating and hot water.

The Ride

Biomass building is on it’s way!

The biomass building is due to be constructed soon, in the Woodyard. The building will house the new biomass boilers and woodchip store, and features a retractable roof to store a larger amount of locally sourced woodchip.

This week Nerg have been working on installing the heating pipe in Sections 1 and 9, ready for the building to be constructed. 

Section 6b was started last week and involved trenching from The Ride courtyard and across the paths towards the gardens. 

Section 7 has also been started this week. The pipes being installed in this section will provide heating to the Offices and Belton House!

Belton House Week 7a

The foundations have now been laid for the biomass building, after the site was cleared last week.

As a recap from the last couple of weeks:

  • Sections 6, 7 and 1 are now 100% complete

  • Cottages termination is 100% complete

  • Offices termination is 100% complete

Section 2 will start this week and involves trenching through the main road in front of Belton House, to install the ducts which will carry the heating equipment from the biomass boilers to the buildings within the Belton House site. Check back next week for the progress on this!

This week half of the main road outside of the entrance to Belton House was closed off so that we could install the ducts that will carry the heating pipe.

This heating pipe will run from the biomass boilers in the Woodyard to the buildings within the Belton House site.

Belton House Road Crossing Works

Section 3 started this week and involved trenching part of the way up the main driveway at Belton House. The weather didn’t help this week and delayed some of the trenching, however we completed as much as we could. The remaining works will continue in week 11.

The Bothy termination was also completed this week and provided the team with a welcome break from the rain.

Section 4/5 manifold was also completed this week.

The civils work at the site for the biomass building continued last week and will carry on into week 11, ready for the construction of the building.


The construction of the biomass building continued this week, with the assembly of the steel frame.

The works on section 3 also continued this week, with the installation of the heating pipe and the back-filling of the trench.

Biomass building - steel frame

The biomass building progressed this week and started with the construction of the base. The woodchip bunker also started to be built.

The backfeeding to The Ride was also completed this week, which means that the new Stables Restaurant will have heating and hot water, ready for opening.

Biomass Building - Week 12

This week saw the main plant room really take shape. Roofing and some concrete panels were installed, and then the concrete laid.

Trenching works continued on the main drive, taking the trench under the main gate towards the road. Plumbing works have been completed in the main plant room, with everything ready for biomass heat when the boilers are installed.

This week progressed well, and we had the exciting arrival of the boilers & associated biomass equipment. We are now ready to begin assembly!

On top of this, trenching works continued on the main drive, and is nearly complete. The next leg will take us from the Gardeners shed to the Orangery.

Internal plumbing works were completed in the main plant room for Belton House and the West Courtyard Flat. 

Works to commence.

Works to commence.