Biomass Boiler Servicing & Maintenance
Maintaining All Makes & Models of Biomass Boilers

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Biomass Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Our approach to Biomass Boiler Servicing is very simple.  If you’ve got a problem, we’ll fix it and if you want a routine service, we will happily book you in and carry it out.  Our pricing is also simple, we charge for the time it takes us to do the service.  We have chosen not to go down the route of trying to tie everyone into maintenance contracts preferring to work on the premise that if you think we’ve done a great job you’ll use us again.

Biomass boilers produce heat from wood and come in three main types. Woodchip boilers, log boilers and wood pellet boilers. In order to burn the wood at maximum efficiency these boilers need servicing.

Our experienced team of engineers provide Biomass Boiler servicing and maintenance for all makes and model.

Providing routine and reactive maintenance for Biomass Boilers and their feed systems we can also sweep chimneys up to 80 metres tall.

Why Do I Need Biomass Boiler Servicing?

A properly maintained biomass boiler sysem ensure high combustion efficiency, correct emissions and high reliability. Regular biomass boiler servicing keeps the whole system running how it was designed to do.

Over time there is a build of products left over from the combustion of wood. While most boilers are fitted with their own cleaning systems for the heat exchanger tubes these still become coated. The main burn chambers also gradually build up waste material on their fire bricks and around the burning grates.

The nature of Biomass Boilers means there are numerous working/moving parts which over time wear out or need lubricating and/or cleaning.

CHP - Combined Heat & Power

What does a professional Biomass Service include?

Our Biomass Boiler Servicing is a comprehensive mechanical and electrical review alongside a thorough cleaning process to ensure everything is running as expected. We also provide minor services which are undertaken in between major services, typically for boilers that are running for very long hours to ensure that everything is on track.

Biomass flue cleaning


Fire stops, condition of all sensors, oil levels, burn chamber, air ducts, arches and ash removal are all inspected.

Condition Checks

Fire protection, fuel feed, pumps, conveyors, stoker operation, air cleaning systems, fans, inhibitor levels and the operation of ash removal are all checked.


All fans, heat exchanger tubes, flues, multicyclones, burn chambers, boiler and surrounding enviroment are all cleaned.

Programming & Electrics

We check that everything is set up correctly to produce the best efficiency and ensure all the electrics are safe.

Combustion Settings

Our engineers will watch and measure the fire from start up and make the small adjustments that are required to get the very best from it.


When we are finished you will receive a full; breakdown of everything that has been inspected, checked, cleaned and done for your records.

Biomass Boiler Servicing

All Makes & Model

If your installer has ceased trading, or if they are just not looking after you we can help. All our service engineers have been manufacturer trained and have significant experience on a range of biomass boilers and heating systems. We currently look after customers who have boilers from the following manufacturers.

Dragon Biomass
Gilles Biomass Heating

Get Ready for Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen-ready CHP can reduce costs now while being ready for the future.

Backed by the energy regulator Ofgem, some 300 homes in Scotland will soon become the first in the world to use 100 per cent green hydrogen, in a four-year trial that will further cement the UK’s green recovery.

If there was any lingering doubt about the changing energy landscape in Great Britain, it should now be well and truly quashed. Despite years of slow progress, changes to the UK energy system are coming thick and fast.

As the UK energy landscape adapts to meet the UK’s net-zero targets and begins to incorporate renewable sources of energy like green hydrogen, it’s important that businesses respond in kind. By installing hydrogen-ready heat and power systems, businesses can reduce their energy costs now, while futureproofing their electricity supply and safeguarding their investment.

Green Hydrogen

Why NerG?

Nerg have been providing innovative Heat & power solutions since 2009. Our ethos is simple. To analyse and specify equipment as if we were installing it for ourselves.

This commitment to installing the right equipment for customers has earned us a trusted reputation, meaning we stand by our installations and want an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our clients include the National trust, Dyson, Edinburgh College & Kings Lynn Council.