Commercial Biomass
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Experts in Commercial Biomass

NerG’s heritage is in biomass. We have been installing biomass boilers since 2013, so we understand the technical requirements of designing, installing and servicing of biomass heating systems.

We have installed boilers of all sizes, from 15kW to in excess of 1MW and have worked with many clients to improve their energy efficiency through biomass.

All of our engineers are professionally trained and are experienced in installing many makes and models biomass boiler, you are in expert hands if you choose us.

Biomass Installation

Commercial Biomass Services

Commercial Biomass Installation


Commercial Biomass

We design and install commercial biomass systems from 40kW upwards.

We can design new installations from scratch, integrate or add to existing systems or create complete re-designs.

Commercial Biomass


Commercial Biomass

We have installed hundreds of biomass systems from small agricultural installs to large 6MW systems.

We work with all types of industries and work with our customers to ensure that we install the right solution with the correct capabilities for their needs.

Commercial Biomass Servicing


Commercial Biomass

We have exceptional experience in biomass servicing.

We are proud to still support over 98% of the clients who have trusted us to service their biomass boilers.

Completed Biomass Installations

Biomass Installation Project

Belton House

This project consisted of 1 x ETA 350kW and 1 x ETA 200kW biomass boilers, a custom fuel store and over 700m of district heating pipework.

Biomass Installation Project

Blankney Estates

Home to a number of different businesses including crop drying, arable farming and chrophyll extraction. We designed and installed a 6MW biomass system.

Biomass Installation Project

Wightwick Manor

2 x Froling Biomass boilers installed to produce comfort and conservation heating along with hot water to a number of properties on site.

The Benefits of Biomass


Wood chip is approximately half the cost of oil.

Biomass boilers attract enhanced capital allowances.

Energy Security

A secondary source of energy over traditional fuels.

An alternative to price volatile carbon fuels.


Reduce your carbon emissions, producing 15-20mg/kW.

Bu comparison oil produces over to 180mg/kW.

Our Preferred Biomass Boilers

Our preferred biomass boilers to install are Froling, ETA and Jutsen, the reasons for which can be seen below. However, if you would like us to fit a different biomass boiler, we would be more than happy to do so as we have experience in installing a wide range of manufacturers.

Froling Biomass Boilers


Based in Austria, have been building biomass boilers since the 1960’s. They have built up a wealth of knowledge of burning and the effects on materials, which has enabled them to produce very reliable boilers. Froling insists that any installing company is properly trained. All of our installation engineers have been to their training centre at their factory in Austria.

ETA Biomass Boilers


Made in Austria near Grieskirchen, ETA was originally set up in 1998 and make a range of wood pellet, log and wood chip boilers. NerG have visited their factory, which is assembly only. Major fabrications for ETA are made by local companies. The ETA boilers started small, aiming at the domestic market, and have over the years developed large boilers for the commercial market.

Justen Biomass Boilers


Changes in the funding of renewables and encouragement to reduce use of carbon based fossil fuels means that heating systems are increasing is size.  NerG have installed many systems in excess of 1MW in capacity.  Moving to larger systems requires a different approach on boilers.  The technology to produce 250 Kilowatts is very different to producing 6 Megawatts.

Why NerG?

Nerg have been providing innovative Heat & power solutions since 2009. Our ethos is simple. To analyse and specify equipment as if we were installing it for ourselves.

This commitment to installing the right equipment for customers has earned us a trusted reputation, meaning we stand by our installations and want an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our clients include the National trust, Dyson, Edinburgh College & Kings Lynn Council.