CHP – Combined Heat & Power
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Climbing Electricity Costs? Generate your own and save up to 50%

CHP – Combined Heat & Power units use natural gas to power an engine that is designed to generate electricity through an alternator. Recovering waste heat and converting it into usable heat improves savings further.

CHP - Combined Heat & Power

The Benefits of CHP

Reduce Energy Costs

Using CHP – Combined Heat & Power to generate electricity can reduce your electrical unit rate by up to 45%, with CHP heat use increasing this to 50%.

Carbon Reduction

The economics of CHP is such that Green Gas can be used to dramatically reduce your operational carbon footprint.

Operational Resilience

If your operations can be severly impacted by grid outages, then CHP’s can provide a lifeline by enabling island operation.

Heating and Cooling

Heat recovered from the engine can be offset against other on site heat uses, such as hot water, thermal oil or steam. CHP’s can also be used for tri-generation, where waste heat is converted to cooling via an absorption chiller.

Energy Security

By generating your own electricity, organisations can protect themselves against price volatility and guarantee a security of supply. As electricity gets proportionally more expensive than gas, it makes more and more sense to generate your own electricity. All the predictions say this gap is going to get bigger.

Is CHP right for my business?

  •  Do you have a natural gas connection?

  •  Do you spend over £75,000 on your electricity?

  •  Do you have energy use overnight?

If you answered “yes” to the three questions above, a CHP may be appropriate for you, and NerG can help you assess this using our tried and tested Methodology.

CHP Unit

Analyse, Design, Install, Maintain

Your CHP Journey with NerG

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

Our team will analyse your energy data to model your existing consumption patterns and identify if CHP is appropriate for you.

Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

We will work with you to assess the feasability of a CHP engine, and to refine the technical specification to match your operational needs.



We can support with identifying the right procurement strategy to meet your financial needs. From full capital purchase to off balance sheet solutions, we can tailor the best solution for your business.

Turneky Installation

Turnkey Installation

From initial design to ongoing operation, we can manage it all. Our project management team will work with you to develop a project plan that minimises operational disruption, then our in-house team will lead the installation through to operation.



Our team can then operate & maintain the CHP. We can provide fully inclusive service contracts up to 15 years, enabling you to focus on key business activities whilst the CHP delivers you savings.

Example Projects

NerG Heat & Power Solutions

Combined Heat & Power

Leisure Centre

50kW CHP

With two pools and a number of ancillary facilities, this leisure centre had a constant energy load.

A 50kW CHP unit contributes to their heating load, whilst reducing their electric consumption from the grid and helps the site to reduce their energy costs by over 25%.

% of energy costs – 28%

Payback – 3.7 years

10 year savings after capital repayment – £375,000

Savings per year – £35,000

Combined Heat & Power

Food Processing

250kW CHP

This food processor used hot water for cooking and washing whilst also having a high electrical consumption.

A 250kW CHP was proposed, which delivers a saving of over 35% of their energy costs by reducing their grid electricity consumption and using heat from the CHP to provide hot water for washing and cooking.

% of energy costs – 38%

Payback – 2.7 years

10 year savings after capital repayment – £1.23M

Savings per year – £165,000

Combined Heat & Power



Producing plastic packaging, this customer had very high electricity costs from their plastic extrusion machines.

A 1.5MW CHP unit delivers siginificant electrical savings, and then a waste heat recovery boiler will capture exhaust gas heat & convert it to usable steam, delivering nearly 50% savings on their existing energy spend.

% of energy costs – 48%

Payback – 1.9 years

10 year savings after capital repayment – £6.4M

Savings per year – £735,000

Get Ready for Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen-ready CHP can reduce costs now while being ready for the future.

Backed by the energy regulator Ofgem, some 300 homes in Scotland will soon become the first in the world to use 100 per cent green hydrogen, in a four-year trial that will further cement the UK’s green recovery.

If there was any lingering doubt about the changing energy landscape in Great Britain, it should now be well and truly quashed. Despite years of slow progress, changes to the UK energy system are coming thick and fast.

As the UK energy landscape adapts to meet the UK’s net-zero targets and begins to incorporate renewable sources of energy like green hydrogen, it’s important that businesses respond in kind. By installing hydrogen-ready heat and power systems, businesses can reduce their energy costs now, while futureproofing their electricity supply and safeguarding their investment.

Green Hydrogen

Why NerG?

Nerg have been providing innovative Heat & power solutions since 2009. Our ethos is simple. To analyse and specify equipment as if we were installing it for ourselves.

This commitment to installing the right equipment for customers has earned us a trusted reputation, meaning we stand by our installations and want an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our clients include the National trust, Dyson, Edinburgh College & Kings Lynn Council.