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We’ve installed hundreds of heat networks, ranging from a few houses around a farm up to huge networks, almost 1 km across with multiple properties.

We have the proven capability and track record to not only design but also install your complete heat network.  We use a combination of underground insulated piping and above ground distribution pipe.  We design systems to run with the maximum possible efficiency by ensuring consumers provide the lowest possible return temperatures.  In doing this we can run the pipes at lower temperatures and lose less heat to places we don’t want it.   We also save electricity by designing pump systems that run at the lowest speed possible, to get the heat to where it is needed and even switch off when it is not.

Clever use of controls allows us to incorporate the latest technology in the way of heating control systems.  By linking controllers in each of the heat users, we can transport heat at the lowest temperature required to run the network. 

Traditional networks circulated huge quantities of high temperature water 24/7 even when none was needed!

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- District heating, with renewable technologies,can be eligible for government subsidies
- Reduced operation and maintenance costs compared with individual heat sources
- Lower cost of fuels enables a broader range of fuels available
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- Central heating equipment can be maintained regularly for increased reliability
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- District heating provides an opportunity for renewable energy sources that are not practical otherwise
- Increased efficiency and reliability compared with individual heat sources, leads to a decrease in emissions
- Dramatic increase in efficiency in CHP district heat networks


District Heat Schematic

NerG was asked to install a biomass boiler and district heating network for a farm in the Cotswolds. The farm had 5 cottages onsite which needed heating, and it was deemed that the most efficient way to do this was via a district heating network.

NerG installed a Froling TX 250 boiler and used Rehau district heating pipe to create the network from the boiler to the properties.

The heat network has helped the farm manage the supply and demand for heat and has introduced a renewable source of energy that is economical and practical.


Belton House District Heating Map

NerG began work recently installing a new biomass facility and pipe work into Belton House, a lovely National Trust property located in Grantham. The new biomass boiler system will provide renewable heating to 16 historic buildings onsite, via a district heating network.

Approximately 700m of district heating pipe line is being installed for heat to reach all the buildings, and a new plant room is being built to house the two new boilers.

Read more about the project here: 


NerG offers full design  for new district heat networks as well as extensions onto existing networks


Our engineers are trained and certified to install Rehau district heating networks, from full turnkey solutions to pipework installation.

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