Commercial Solar PV
Reduce electricity costs by
producing your own green electricity

Do your electric bills keep rising?

Utilise your roof or ground space and the power of the sun to generate your own electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and your bills.

Solar PV

The Benefits of Solar PV

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By using renewable energy instead of energy created by fossil fuels your business will reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Reduce your energy bills

By generating your own power you will reduce your energy spend as you will be consuming less electric from the grid. We design your system to best match your consumption so your business will use as much of your generated energy as possible.

Protect your business from electricity prices rises

Your business may have been recently hit with sky rocketing electricity unit rates. Protect your business from future price increases by generating as much of your own electricity as possible with Solar PV.

Fast ROI

As electricity prices continue to rise, most commercial Solar PV projects now have at return on investment of under 5 years.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require little maintenance and will only periodically need cleaning to maintain high levels of energy production.

Combine with other renewable technologies

Solar PV can be linked with other renewable technologies such as heat pumps to provide the electricity to provide cooling and heating through heat pump systems.

Will Solar PV work for my business?

If your business has ample roof or ground space and uses electricity in daylight hours then more than likely Solar PV will stack up well financially for your business.

For a free of charge feasibility assessment and cost estimate get in touch on:

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Solar PV

Analyse, Design, Install, Maintain

Your CHP Journey with NerG

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

Our team will analyse your energy data to model your existing consumption patterns and identify the correct size system for your business.

Energy Analysis

DNO Application

We will complete and submit your application to the DNO.

Turneky Installation

Turnkey Installation

From initial design to ongoing maintenance, we can manage it all. Our project management team will work with you to develop a project plan that minimises operational disruption, then our in-house team will lead the installation through to operation.

Why NerG?

Nerg have been providing innovative Heat & power solutions since 2009. Our ethos is simple. To analyse and specify equipment as if we were installing it for ourselves.

This commitment to installing the right equipment for customers has earned us a trusted reputation, meaning we stand by our installations and want an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our clients include the National trust, Dyson, Edinburgh College & Kings Lynn Council.