Wood chip

Chip Quality

Buy wood, not water from us.
G30, G50, G100 and CHP super dry

Our chip is all delivered at a maximum of 25% moisture. The lower the moisture content of your woodchip, the more heat it will produce from your boiler. Boilers have to evaporate off the water from the wood before it will burn – which uses up energy from your chip.
Depending on the size of chip your boiler is designed to run on, we can supply chip graded to G30, G50 or G100 specification.

NerG bag with wood chip

Chip Origin

We supply Virgin cord or Virgin Whole Tree Chip
We only use wood grown in the UK and are Biomass Supplier List (BSL) approved. Most of our supplies come from Thetford or Nottingham Forests. We can supply dried chip from either virgin cord wood, or as whole tree chip. Whole tree chip has a slightly higher ash content, an almost identical energy content and a slightly lower price. As more wood is used; more efficient ways of sourcing wood are also being found.

Hands holding wood chip

Delivery & Supply Contracts

We already supply a number of very large users of wood chip and see it as fundamental to our long term business. We will happily look at contracts to supply chip and can organise convenient deliveries for you. We currently supply competitively priced chip from North Yorkshire across to Manchester and down to Cambridge.

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