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  • It makes financial sense as an owner of a biomass boiler to have it serviced regularly. 
  • A biomass boiler that isn’t cleaned and maintained regularly will not run as efficiently. Therefore, the money you spend on wood fuel will be wasted, as it is not turned into heat which you can use. 
  • In addition, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) only pays for the heat that is output from the boiler as hot water, there is no payment for heat lost up the flue or for inefficient burning of the wood fuel.


  • If your boiler has broken down; please call us, we can solve a lot of problems over the phone. 
  • If you need us to come out, then of course we can do this too. 
  • We work with all manufacturers of boilers and can usually get parts pretty quickly.  We carry a stock of the most commonly used parts ourselves; sometimes it can take a few days to get specialist bits from manufacturers.
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The following is the extract from the OfGEM RHI Guidance Volume 2, Section 7.

“As an ongoing obligation, participants who own heat generating installations are required to maintain their equipment to ensure it is working effectively. Given the wide range of eligible technologies it is not practical to specify a particular level of maintenance or frequency of servicing. As a general principle we require the equipment to be maintained in line with manufacturer instructions where available. Participants will need to keep any evidence of maintenance work carried out, such as servicing receipts, and will need provide us with this evidence on request.”


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NerG's Approach

NerG’s approach to servicing is very simple.  If you’ve got a problem, we’ll fix it and if you want a routine service, we will happily book you in and carry it out.  Our pricing is also simple, we charge for the time it takes us to do the service (and we work really hard while we are doing it).

If you have your servicing carried out by us and buy any replacement parts through us, we are quite happy providing telephone support and advice free of charge.  We think that seems a fair swap?

Contract vs No Contract

We have chosen not to go down the route of trying to tie everyone into maintenance contracts, preferring to work on the premise that if you think we’ve done a great job you’ll use us again.

That said, many of our customers such as housing associations, poultry producers, glasshouse nurseries and large factories prefer us to be contracted – obviously we are happy with this too.

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