Froling Biomass Boiler Servicing

Servicing and maintenance for the full Froling biomass boiler range

Froling Biomass Boiler Servicing

Froling Biomass Boiler Servicing

NerG understands the importance of servicing and maintaining your Froling biomass boiler system.

We have been installing and maintaining Froling Biomass boilers since 2013. All our engineers are Froling trained and we are an approved installer, this means we are able to stock and source genuine parts for their boiler systems and have all the latest updates for the boiler control systems.

Froling Biomass Boiler Servicing
Froling Biomass Boiler Servicing

We service and maintain most Froling Boilers including:

Froling PE1
Froling P4
Froling T4e
Froling S1
Froling S3
Froling S4
Froling SP Dual
Froling T4e
Froling Turbomat (TM)
Froling S1 Turbo
Froling S3 Turbo

Froling PECO
Froling PE1C
Froling PE1
Froling P4
Froling SPDual Compact
Froling SP DUAL
Froling PT4e
Froling S4 Turbo
Froling TI
Froling Lambdamat (LM)
Froling TX

Common faults with Froling Biomass Boilers:

Froling biomass boiler problems

Froling boilers are generally reliable but as a mechanical system from time to time you may incur problems or faults, small issues we may be able to resolve remotely or if not our engineers can be called to site to fix your biomass issues.

Common Froling biomass boiler fault codes

Error 0 – Overheat Thermostat (STL) or Emergency Off activated
Error 2 – Primary air flap blocked
Error 3 – Secondary air flap blocked
Error 11 – Ignition not successful
Error 13 – Safety time expired, flue gas temperature too low for too long
Error 16 – Check fuel outfeeder


Froling biomass boiler has poor combustion

Poor combustion may be down to a number of reasons, your biomass boiler may be due a service, inadequate fuel or high moisture content in fuel can contribute to poor combustion.

Froling biomass boiler not providing sufficient heating

Not all problems are caused by the biomass boiler, sometimes insufficient heating can be caused by an issue with the heating system or fuel feed. Our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of heating systems.

Froling biomass boiler has poor efficiency

If your biomass boiler is suffering from poor efficiency it may be due a service, our in depth service makes sure that your boiler is running at maximum efficiency, ensuring maximum output.


Why Service Froling Biomass Boilers?

It makes financial sense as an owner of a biomass boiler to have it serviced regularly. A biomass boiler that isn’t cleaned and maintained regularly will not run as efficiently. Therefore, the money you spend on wood fuel will be wasted, as it is not turned into heat which you can use.

In addition, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) only pays for the heat that is output from the boiler as hot water, there is no payment for the heat lost up the flue or for inefficient burning of the wood fuel.


NerG’s Approach

NerG’s approach to servicing is very simple. If you’ve got a problem, we’ll fix it and if you want a routine service, we will happily book you in and carry it out. Our pricing is also simple, we charge for the time it takes us to do the service.

If you have your servicing carried out by us and buy any replacement parts through us, we are quite happy providing telephone support and advice free of charge.

We think that seems a fair swap?


Contract Vs No Contract

We have chosen not to go down the route of trying to tie everyone into maintenance contracts, preferring to work on the premise that if you think we’ve done a great job you’ll use us again.

That said, many of our customers such as housing associations, poultry producers, glasshouse nurseries and large factories prefer us to be contracted.

Obviously we are happy with this too.

Biomass Servicing

Benefits of Servicing your Froling Biomass Boiler

  • Increase reliability – Servicing your biomass boiler regularly will help to make sure your boiler and parts are well maintained and our trained engineers can diagnose problems before they occur
  • RHI – NerG biomass boiler servicing meets all of OFGEM’s RHI service eligibility requirements to successfully claim RHI
  • Energy Efficiency – By making sure your biomass boiler is running as it should this will optimise your boilers output and efficiency
  • Increase biomass boiler lifespan – Looking afetr your boiler with regular servicing will ensure that your boiler reaches it’s maximum lifespan
  • Safety – Our NerG biomass service engineers check each boiler on all safety elements during service and maintenance
  • Biomass boiler technical phone support – Our engineers are fully trained to provide expert help and advice over the phone to try to resolve biomass boiler issues without a site visit.

Our Servicing & Maintenance Includes


Programming & Electrics

Biomass flue cleaning

Flue Cleaning


Chamber Cleaning


Heat Exchanger Cleaning


Combustion Settings

NerG plumbing

Repairs & Extensions

Inhibitor Testing

Inhibitor Testing



Why NerG?

Nerg have been providing innovative Heat & power solutions since 2009. Our ethos is simple. To analyse and specify equipment as if we were installing it for ourselves.

This commitment to installing the right equipment for customers has earned us a trusted reputation, meaning we stand by our installations and want an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our clients include the National trust, Dyson, Edinburgh College & Kings Lynn Council.